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Smania First Showroom in Middle East The Gypsum Fretwork

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Bringing Italian Luxury to Your Doorsteps

In the Middle East Storia Moderna has been officially representing furniture masterpieces manufactured by Smania for more than four years by now. We are extremely proud to carry on this exclusive partnership of choice.

Smania brand is relatively young - it has been founded about 20 years ago. However the enriched traditions of Italian craftsmanship, authentic artisan knowledge handed over from generation to generation, and unprecedented quality of ultimate products – all of these became the strong foundation for confident development of Smania as a company. By now Smania has grown into well- known and respected supplier exporting to four continents. It’s main role to be a mediator between the artisans who create hand-made furniture in the small authentic workshops just like centuries ago and the World that demands their masterpieces.

However what exactly makes Italian furniture tradition to be recognized as luxuries and exquisite across the Globe? First to mention would be the skyrocketing rise of arts and human sciences in the fourteenth century initially in Italy and then further in Europe widely known as the Renaissance. At this particular period of time incredible Italian artists like Leonardo Do Vinci, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Lorenzo Ghiberti elevated Italian art tradition to whole new level. Furniture craftsmanship has certainly been influenced greatly by the new trends. New approach to the furniture was born: it has become more human-oriented, more comfortable, more sophisticated in design, aimed to bring delight to body and soul. Ever since chairs, tables, chests and draws became more than just places to sit on, eat from or store in - it became a masterpieces intended to be functional yet to deliver esthetic satisfaction. From one side Workshop Masters looked for an inspiration in Roman Empire lifestyle with its hedonistic approach, on the other side - they have been enlightened by contemporary Renaissance architecture trends. Impressed by magnificent and enormous architecture masterpieces such as Florence Cathedral and Saint Peter's Basilica furniture artisans started to follow the trend by creating branchy, voluminous and fanciful pieces.

Before the Reissuance furniture was considered to be pure utility and not supposed to be chic. The Italian craftsmen were the first to introduce the upholstery. They have totally re-invented the whole concept: furniture pieces not only became comfortable but also started to interact with curtains, floors and other elements of interior design thus creating a harmonious ensemble.

As the years rolled artisans have started to use different type of wood such as mahogany, oak, walnut and cherry, mixing them and making furniture more sturdy and sophisticated. Upon development of techniques the materials such as veneers, metal, marble, and glass have been incorporated into models to bring richness and to play on contrast.

From the Age of Renaissance to present days Italian furniture tradition has performed tortuous journey influenced by overall evolution of culture and art.  However it managed to preserve its initial attributes and thus keeping the Italian design to be an unquestionable synonym of luxury, sophistication and grandeur.

Visit the website for more information on Italian furniture traditions

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First Steps

Introduction and Consultation

The basis of success for a project is the interaction between designer and the client. This is an opportunity for us to really start to get to know you and your needs and for you to get to know us too.  During this stage, it is really useful to bring us documentation of the building (preferably in electronic format), such as building plans, electrical designs, photographs etc. This will helps us gain an understanding of your space. You may also have magazines or images of styles that you like to give an indication of the look you want to achieve. We will need to know what the general budget is for the project so that we can give you the appropriate solution.

Design project from "Storia Moderna"

Conceived and professionally executed design project - This is a guarantee of quality repairs in the shortest possible time. Our designers will develop an individual project, which includes sketch plans, working drawings and three-dimensional images of the future interior. 
In every particular case the the design project can be changed, depending on the characteristics of the premises. After  completion of the design project can be supervise base on the agreement.

Also, our designers will help you to select finishing materials, furniture, equipment, interior furnishings and decor.

Design project includes:
As-built layout plan

Floor Plan - 3 options
Furniture layout plan
Elevations / Section
Floor finishes layout plan
Layout for redevelopment
Layuot zoning explication
Layout floor heating (if needed)
Ceiling layout plan showing the levels and types of materials used
Electrical layout plan includes lighting and power layout plans
Door schedules layout plan
Sanitary layout plan includes plumbing layout plan
Layuot placement of air conditioning and ventilation of the findings
3D visualization space
Statement of finishing materials

* Timing schedule
* Supervision schedule
* Quotation for all project cost

Power Project

In the new apartments and modern homes, as well as in offices, due to the large number of electrical appliances, great attention must be given electrical home appliances.

Increasing of energy users and power consuming means is necessary to establish and coordinate a Power project

At the beginning of our specialists will develop electrical layouts. Which includes: 

Draft specifies all energy consumers, sockets, switches, lighting.
Permission from the EA (Electricity Authority) is necessary


Supervision - monitoring by the Architect  throughout the renovation and to ensure maximum compliance with the decisions recorded in the design of the project. 
In other words, the  supervision is that the ideas given  in the design of the project were implemented as accurate as possible.

The need for supervision depends on how important it is to the construction of each project.


Each project is a story in itself, cost of services vary depending on the amount of work, the feasibility of the project and the surface area. The overall price of services can be more cost effective if the client chooses complete project implementation. Please contact us to discuss pricing.

PS: The interior design project cost doesn't include   the  cost of any permits for remodelling and construction work  from the authorities and municipalities.

Additional services

Under the additional services include production of images and graphics to order, painting the walls and special decorations, such as making mosaics, sculpture, unique lamps and chandeliers, picture frames, mirrors, fireplaces and the like. All this commissioned from Storia Moderna Furniture Manufacture ,  so the price of these products and services can be arranged depending on the work of art, or volume.

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Why do I need an Interior Designer?

The bedroom walls are covered in sample splotches of last year's lilac paint colours (it seemed like a good idea at that time!), the 15-year-old nylon carpet laid directly over the floorboards by the previous owner is shedding tufts of grey fuzz, and the living room chimney breast that your partner excavated last winter is still awaiting its reclaimed Victorian fireplace. It's not that you haven't got ideas, but somehow last winter turns into this, the summer holidays fly by, the well-intentioned DIY Bank Holiday weekends end up at the in-laws, and you still haven't managed to decorate. What you need is someone to help you to get organized, someone to focus on your ideas, someone to tell you how much it's all going to cost! Maybe it's time to talk to an interior designer.

Yikes! Isn't that going to be expensive? What if they take over and convert my Edwardian house into nouveau American rodeo ranch style?

Don't worry. Interior designers are professionals. They are there to offer you, a service. Many offer their first consultation for free. This means you can dip your toe into the interior design water without any risk whatsoever.

So, what can you expect at this first meeting? Your designer should, by talking to you and looking at your existing environment, diagnose your taste and pinpoint your favourite style. Show them the room or rooms you want to decorate, and if you have any photos of styles you like or dislike, show them to the designer. They should ask you about your hobbies, your family, your colour preferences, your pets, whether you entertain at home, whether you frequently have overnight guests. By learning about you and analyzing your requirements, the designer will put together the first building blocks of the eventual design.

At the second meeting, often charged at an hourly rate, the designer should have a package of ideas to show you. This may be presented in any number of ways; a sample board of fabrics and pictures of furniture is one option, sketches and swatches of fabric to discuss is another. Whichever style of presentation the designers choose, find out in advance what you will be paying for and what happens if you don't like what you see. Many designers will "go back to the drawing board" until you're happy, free of charge or at a nominal fee.

Once a client told me that a design was "just what I wanted but didn't know what I wanted". Interior designers have the training and resources to explore design options. They often can help you to see a room in a whole new light just by adding some built-in furniture, a new colour scheme, a different curtain design, or by re-arranging the furniture. A designer is adept at combining elements in total harmony with each other while staying within the guidelines of your initial brief (no matter how simple or how bizarre that brief may be).

For example, illustrated on the projects page is an exhibition room set that I designed this year. The brief was to design a dining room based on the theme of "Fire". I suspect that very few people who saw the room would commission it for their own home. But that wasn't the point. The purpose of the room set was to show that the combination of furniture, wall finish, lighting and accessories, when carefully considered and sourced, will please the eye and satisfy an aesthetic need.

A good designer will nudge you further along pathways upon which you may have already placed a tentative step. But a good designer will never impose their taste on your environment. Designers are there to work for you and to help you to achieve your design goal. If you're not happy with something, always remember you can say no.

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